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Our Approach to Learning


Kids move  through a series of learning blocks of 25 minutes each.  The purpose of this, is to keep them as focused as possible on the  subject or activity being taught.  Kids receive a ten minute break of a sensory regulating exercise / activity  between blocks.   Different areas of learning and development are addressed using a myriad of activities and resources to allow for individual or small group mastery of different skills.  While working in a small group kids receive individual support and assistance throughout the session as needed. 

Activities are designed strategically to promote improvements in areas of:

Social skills, focus, language and communication skills, processing skills, academics, self regulation, self confidence, life skills, fine and gross motor skills  and more. 


Program Overview 

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Expressive Language Block 

Cooperative/interactive activities.  Role-play games , sequencing games, pragmatics and more .    


We use the opportunity to work on language acquisition around  important skills  for the kids progress like safety,  daily living, school rules, community , family relationships, etc. 

Receptive Language Block 

Video modeling with level appropriate small conversations.   

New vocabulary with visuals .

Games, activities, that promote understanding of functions, situations, 

environment, community, and more.

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Brain Builder A Block   

In this session we focus on whole body exercises and circuits with lots of action and movement, working on a specific skill with different levels of difficulty. 



Brain Builder B Block   

In this session we do visual and hands on  challenging activities . We can use 

manipulatives,  technology resources, word activities, writing activities and more.  



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Social Skills  Block 

Practice makes perfect! Role-play situations , structured scenarios to allow students to observe and practice good social skills , positive behavior, self regulation, problem solving, flexibility  and more. 

Social stories, games and activities with specific goals.  

Language & Arts Block  

In this block we concentrate on individualized reading, spelling, grammar and writing lessons to  allow the students to work at their level as much as necessary or move faster  to more advanced levels. 




Math Block   

This learning block helps build conceptual understanding, logical reasoning, and real life problem solving though visual hands on activities and manipulatives.

Art Block   

Art Studies encourage self expression through projects and crafts  that strengthen emotional and sensory  development using different materials and textures.


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Social Studies/ Science Block    

History, geography and science projects through practical and level appropriate lessons, connect our students with our community and the  world around us.