Brain Builder Program 

An incredible opportunity to improve brain performance through a series of exercises designed strategically to stimulate and improve brain pathways.    Our students go through two different BB blocks every school day. Kids who stay for our after-care program attend a  series of two additional BB blocks  (four  combined). This level of intensity transforms in substantial  results over time. 

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change or rewire throughout a person's life. The brain consists of billions of neurons.  Neurons communicate with each other through a space between them called a synapse.   This communication is made possible by chemical messages or neurotransmitters.   A typical neuron can have thousands of synapses or connections with other neurons.   Together they form extremely complex networks that are responsible for all brain functions.  Synaptic connections, as well as neurons themselves, can change over time, and this phenomenon is called neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is activity driven, new and challenging activities generates new connections , changes in synaptic strength depend on the intensity and reoccurrence of the signal the synapse receives.    

The plasticity of the brain is not limited by age, however, plasticity is much more remarkable in children since their brains are still developing.  This happens well into their late teenage years.    Over time these changes improve the brain in so many different ways.    Incredible results are achieved in areas like focus, memory, behavior, problem solving, executive functioning, processing speed, attention confidence and more.