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Welcome to our Learning Academy 

We are a private and independent center with a truly individualized instruction, focusing on improving children's performance in all areas.   We offer a great program for homeschoolers from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  We use a multi-sensory approach to learning that includes a vast variety of resources and curriculum.   Our instruction follows a visual, hands on and interactive approach with classes and learning blocks that are target oriented and consistently modified to meet our students goals and needs. 

We create a learning environment that  captures  children's  interests  and  hearts.     We   want   their

confidence to grow, their passions to flourish and their love for learning to grow everyday.   Our work largely revolves around helping children develop a positive self-identity  and a positive view  of the world around them. 

Improving brain performance to achieve the best overall results overtime is the core of our program.

That improvement is achieved through strategically planned sensory, physical and visual exercises.   

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A very important aspect of our program is improving social skills.  Teachers use many opportunities to teach the  management and understanding of emotions, as well as , how to make and maintain positive relationships through cooperation, patience, respect and more. 

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The Receptive and Expressive  Language skills blocks  are offered every day.  Moreover our teachers seek  to help kids  improve their communication skills  during all the activities that they participate. 

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Traditional subjects are taught using an array of different resources and curriculum that allow us to customize our lesson plans.  In doing so, we  target the skills we want and the level and learning style of each individual student.


Our students thrive in an engaging and structured yet fun environment .

Students safety and emotional wellbeing  are paramount.

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